2024 horoscope for the Pig zodiac sign

2024 Horoscope For The Pig Zodiac Sign 3

In the Year of the Dragon in 2024, people born in the Year of the Pig will have no conflict or conjunction with the fleeting Tai Sui. In addition, they will be blessed by a group of powerful auspicious stars, so the overall fortune will be quite improved.

However, the Year of the Snake after the Year of the Dragon is the year of the Tai Sui, and the fortune will inevitably fluctuate repeatedly. Therefore, Pig people must start to make early arrangements at the end of the Year of the Dragon. Especially if there are investment projects involving New Year’s Eve, they must be more cautious and it is recommended to make arrangements first. Earn principal through settlement to avoid sudden changes when the year of Tai Sui comes. Entering 2024, Pig people will be favored by the auspicious stars of “Zi Wei” and “Long De”, and they will be even more powerful in their work, especially their personal leadership skills will be demonstrated.

2024 Horoscope For The Pig Zodiac Sign

Moreover, “Ziwei” and “Longde” are powerful noble stars. Even if they encounter troubles and obstacles, they can turn disasters into good fortune. It is expected that with the support of personal connections, the career will be improved, and in terms of wealth, it is possible to gain more through connections. Insider information and insights into opportunities to earn income. In addition, “Red Luan” will be stationed in 2024. In addition to being good for peach blossoms, this auspicious star is also very helpful for interpersonal relationships. Those engaged in people-oriented jobs such as intermediaries and sales are expected to receive strong support from customers this year. Those who work in large organizations or clerical jobs will be with The relationship between colleagues has also improved, so you might as well take advantage of it. The auspicious star “Red Luan” will also make Pig people charming. Singles are expected to meet the right person and even have the possibility of a flash marriage. However, this year there is also the evil star of “violent defeat”. This star represents great fluctuations in financial fortune, and it is easy to become poorer in the middle and richer in the fifth. Business people must increase revenue and reduce expenditure, and prepare an emergency sum of money in advance to prepare for emergencies. . In terms of investment, you should also take profits as soon as you see good results, and it is not advisable to engage in high-risk speculation. The “violent failure” is reflected in the relationship, which also means that the enthusiasm is reduced, and the relationship with the partner is relatively unstable and requires more time to maintain. As for “Tianhe” and “God of Death”, they are minor accidents and scares after going out, including luggage or flight delays, weather changes at the destination, or loss of property, etc. You must pay attention to personal safety when you go out, or you can buy travel insurance in advance , with a complete strategy.


With the blessing of the powerful and auspicious “Zi Wei” and “Long De” stars in 2024, those born in the year of the Pig have a promising outlook for their careers. Businesspeople can look forward to expanding their client base through their networks, while employees may find ample opportunities to excel in their workplace, supported by favorable recognition and potential promotion from supervisors. It’s an opportune time to take initiative and seize chances, marking a year of forward movement.

Additionally, the “Hong Luan” star will significantly enhance the personal charm of Pigs, particularly benefiting those in public relations, insurance, real estate, or frontline sales. These individuals are likely to excel due to strong interpersonal relationships, especially those targeting the opposite gender as their primary customer base in 2024, expecting satisfying progress.

However, with the Year of the Snake in 2025 bringing a clash with Tai Sui, some Pigs might feel restless in the second half of 2024, contemplating changes such as job switching. It’s advisable to seek referrals from elders, expand social circles, and maintain good networking relationships for higher chances of success. This year also presents an excellent opportunity to actively pursue interviews, job transfers, or business trips, offering broader development prospects. While 2024 may not bring significant salary adjustments, there’s still room for growth. Pigs are encouraged to work diligently and prepare for the future, laying a solid foundation for their career.

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Blessed with the “Hong Luan,” the foremost romance star, in 2024, those born in the year of the Pig are set for a vibrant year in love and relationships. Those with a steady partner might find this the perfect year to solidify their relationship with marriage, moving towards building a family together. The “Hong Luan” star enhances interpersonal relations across the board, so even those who typically attract less romantic attention will find themselves more charismatic, drawing the interest of the opposite sex. Single Pigs could meet someone special at work or in academic settings. With the additional care of the “Zi Wei” and “Long De” auspicious stars, even those with a smaller social circle could find love through matchmaking introductions by well-meaning benefactors, with new relationships potentially progressing quickly. Some Pigs might even consider swift marriages, so those long single and hoping for love should pay close attention to those around them or seek elder introductions for promising connections.

However, the influence of the “Bao Bai” malevolent star in 2024 indicates significant emotional fluctuations, leading to periods of cooling passion or inconsistency in relationships for Pigs and their partners. Consequently, even if single Pigs encounter appealing prospects, rushing into romance is not advised. Taking the time for communication and gradually deepening understanding can forge more enduring relationships.


With the arrival of the powerful and auspicious “Zi Wei” and “Long De” stars in 2024, those born in the year of the Pig can expect a generally healthy year without major concerns. Minor ailments may arise but are likely to be resolved favorably, contributing to an overall fortunate year. However, the presence of the malevolent “Tian E” and “Wang Shen” stars suggests potential minor accidents or scares when traveling. Pigs are advised to pay close attention to weather changes at their destinations, be wary of possible flight or luggage delays, loss of belongings, and adaptability issues such as food and water sensitivities. Preparing medications in advance for safety is recommended. For those who frequently drive, it’s wise to check vehicle conditions and perform regular maintenance, adhering to traffic regulations for safe driving to avoid accidents that could jeopardize personal safety.

Due to the influence of “Tian E,” there’s a risk of accidental injuries, suggesting that Pigs should avoid high-risk outdoor activities like rock climbing, trekking, diving, or skydiving. If participating, ensure professional guidance is present and purchase personal accident insurance for utmost safety. The “Wang Shen” star may also impact domestic fortune, necessitating extra attention to family health this year.

Additionally, with the “Hong Luan” romance star influencing 2024, social gatherings are likely to be more frequent. It’s important to moderate indulgence, maintaining regular eating and sleeping habits and managing weight to avoid health issues from overeating or lack of rest. As the Year of the Snake in 2025 will clash with Tai Sui, Pigs are encouraged to undergo a comprehensive health check-up at the end of the Dragon year to ensure good health management in preparation for the challenging year ahead.

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The Year of the Dragon, blessed by the auspicious “Zi Wei” and “Long De” stars, promises a generally favorable year, with potential financial gains. Businesspeople can look forward to expanding their revenue streams with support from existing clients by actively seeking out opportunities. The assistance from benefactors could lead to insider investment tips, yet due to the influence of the “Bao Bai” malevolent star, financial fortunes may fluctuate significantly. Therefore, investment strategies should be conservative and prudent, considering personal financial capacity and risk tolerance, favoring low-risk financial management over high-risk speculation.

It’s important to note that 2024 lacks a direct wealth star, meaning Pigs need to rely on the support of benefactors to generate income. Those in intermediary sales, real estate, insurance, or people-centric professions are likely to benefit, but the impact of “Bao Bai” means income may vary greatly from month to month. Additionally, the arrival of the “Hong Luan” romance star suggests that expenses related to marriage, love, or social gatherings could increase, underscoring the need for careful spending planning and financial management to prevent overspending.

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