Aries men characteristics

Aries Men Characteristics

Aries men brim with unyielding enthusiasm, always radiating a fearless “superman” demeanor. Words like “give up” or “fail” do not exist in their vocabulary, which is why they always face challenges head-on, displaying overwhelming positivity. Aries men are straightforward, preferring rapid action and straight-to-the-point approaches.

Aries Men Characteristics

If you fall for an Aries man, hold back on showing your affection until you’re sure he reciprocates your feelings. For these Mars-ruled men, nothing is more thrilling than “challenge and conquest.” If you make the first move, it could spoil the thrill. Understanding an Aries man isn’t hard; just keep a calm demeanor and observe carefully. You’ll soon notice what style he prefers in a woman and what vibe he likes. Cater to his preferences to capture his attention naturally. Let him sense your interest, but maintain an air of pride to prevent him from becoming overly confident that you’re all about him.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should be ice-cold (Aries men do not appreciate overly coy behavior). Instead, highlight your best qualities.

Many Aries men resemble boys who boast about their toys, wanting a woman who is beautiful, gentle, smart, cute, and generous—all rolled into one. It’s like competing to see whose robot has more features. Don’t worry about being too competent; most Aries men take pride in their girlfriend’s or wife’s accomplishments. He is likely to praise you publicly, showcasing your successes to everyone. Don’t feel shy; be happy, as it indicates he truly values you and starts to see you as his own. Be independent and capable in public but reveal a traditional femininity with him. If you can be “first” in everyone else’s eyes yet choose to be second to him, you will be his ideal woman.

Aries men envision their ideal love as a vibrant fairy tale. They like to feel like a knight in shining armor (even if they aren’t typically handsome). So, you should also fit the princess role (beauty is optional). When you’re with him, avoid nagging, being unkempt, crying, or screaming, as these can shatter the fairy-tale allure he cherishes, and he might seek another princess.

Aries men often appear to be flirtatious. They are perpetually searching for their dream princess, but their naive impulsiveness leads to disillusionment and deep emotional pain when romance fails. His heartbreaks might be due to a significant mismatch in personalities or his self-centered nature that can be overwhelming.

You might often find him selfish, not considering your feelings. However, it’s not that he doesn’t care; he simply may not think of it, as he’s not naturally detail-oriented.

He has a strong retort during arguments, and might say things that hurt you. Trust me, it’s not intentional but a typical Aries reaction—they argue to win! He might regret his words immediately but often finds it hard to apologize sincerely. Don’t hold grudges; forgiving him will make him deeply grateful and even more affectionate towards you.

Leaving an Aries man is not easy; when you are most upset and determined to leave, he will do something naive and adorable that makes it hard to stay angry. Avoid giving him the silent treatment, as it could either drive him mad or away, solving nothing and benefiting no one.

Truly winning an Aries man’s heart at the beginning takes a lot of effort, including showcasing your appealing traits and forgiving his flaws without resentment. Aries men, direct and impulsive, often face setbacks outside the home. During these times, showing unwavering support can make your relationship last a lifetime.

When you truly become his wife, you will find that everything you have invested is worthwhile. Aries men are highly responsible; once he commits to you, he sees taking care of you as his lifelong duty. He will pamper you and feels honored when you are happy. He might not be very sensitive to your emotions, but he won’t impose restrictions on you regarding household matters or finances. Unless you decide to leave, an Aries man rarely abandons his wife. He is indeed selfish, but if you are included in his self-centered plans, then you are truly blessed.

I have a friend who married an Aries man, whose reputation for flitting from one girlfriend to another was well-known. Despite opposition from all her friends and ongoing rumors of his infidelities, she never confronted him or tracked his activities. Even when we once saw him holding hands with another woman, she simply smiled at him and continued shopping with us. From that moment on, we heard no more scandals, and soon they were married. He now works diligently, coming home early from social outings, and most of his earnings go to his wife. When we last met her, her face was radiant with happiness, and we were curious how she managed to tame such a fickle Aries. She revealed that after encountering him that day, she wrote him a letter outlining all his misdeeds, showing she was fully aware. She then warned him that her patience was at its limit, and any similar future incidents would lead her to leave him permanently. This tactic truly captured the Aries man’s heart.

So, don’t be afraid that you’ll spoil your Aries man; the more love and tolerance you show, the more indispensable you become to him. A little whimsy and pouting are fine, but true anger is unprofitable. Aries men are rarely worldly-wise, retaining a childlike spirit throughout their lives.

Also, Aries men are generous, especially with loved ones, often eager to pick up the tab among friends—a trait stemming from their desire to be the leader, likely unchangeable throughout his life. If it’s within your means, let him indulge! Never let him lose face in public. Remember: always make him feel like your beloved prince, and even when you both have gray hair, you will still be his treasured princess in his eyes.

Aries Men and “Sex”

Aries men often maintain a self-centered and childish approach in sexual matters. Their libido is usually strong, and they may become sulky or even angry if their advances are rejected. They are not fond of lengthy foreplay, preferring to get straight to the point. Aries men are usually confident in this area, always waiting for your admiration. Their approach to lovemaking is intense, which might seem unromantic as women often appreciate the build-up and pillow talk. For a more fulfilling sex life, consider letting him lead the main event, while you guide the before and after.

You should learn to enjoy “sex” for its own sake, not just to accommodate him. For Aries men, “sex” is supposed to be fun, and if you make it seem bland, he might look elsewhere for excitement. However, this doesn’t mean he is unfaithful; he generally doesn’t confuse “love” with “sex.”

Aries as Fathers

Once your Aries man becomes a father, you’ll find he’s as childlike as the kids, often calling you “Mommy!” in an endearing way. Aries men tend to spoil their children more than they discipline them. He might be overly protective, so be mindful not to let his behavior hinder the children’s independence. He acts more like an elder sibling than a “father.” Never let the children overshadow him; no matter the situation, he wants to be your “favorite.”